jewelry shark adds-001Jewelry Designer / Silversmith / Silver and Gold Jewelry Casting.


I have been In the Silver and Gold Jewelry Casting Business for over 12 years now. When I had my jewelry factory i was Shipping between 400-600 pieces of Jewelry per day.  I love to work with Artists , Jewelry designers , Fashion designers and Jewelry studio owners casting and finishing their designs. I also have my own Art Jewelry Line of Nautical Jewelry, Equestrian Jewelry, Surf Jewelry, Beach Jewelry, Island and Tropical Jewelry and hand Made designs. Perfect for the Out Door Enthusiast. All at Artist and Factory Direct prices.

*  Owner- Jonathan Artsy Silver. Gold and Silver Jewelry Manufacturing. Started St. Croix US    Virgin Islands Moved Business to Tampa, Florida
*  Artist / Silversmith / Jewelry Designer / Jewelry Casting / Metal Smith

*  Friends-Solid Surface Countertop business / Kitchen and Bath Remodel

*  Owner- Auto Shop for 12 years

*  Enjoy Fun Projects, Water Skiing, Snow Skiing, Kayaking, Yachting, Scuba Diving, Running when Chased : )